Opportunity and Risk Analysis

Decisions regarding business investment opportunities and new markets start with credible, and comprehensive information. Our team of specialists know where to look for the answers needed to properly evaluate opportunities and analyze risks.

Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

Appropriate pre-transactional due diligence can be the difference between a successful or flawed business decision. Kroll offers a suite of services that will inform you on every facet of your transaction, including the integrity of business associates, quality of financial information, state of the controls environment, and supply chain risks.


Market Entry 

When new and unfamiliar territories hold great promise for your company, don’t go in blind. We can help you map the competitive landscape as well as identify potential partners. Our local experts will also assess political, societal, economic and operational risks so you can better balance the risks and rewards of an opportunity.


High-Volume Due Diligence

Third parties can be the source of significant unnecessary regulatory, legal and financial consequences. But navigating this risk can be confusing and complex — especially when you are not sure where to start. Let us show you how to establish a risk-based compliance program so you can prioritize your due diligence efforts.


Anti-Money Laundering

Taking on investors and serving customers can be rewarding, however, the regulatory burden of understanding the background, identity and reputation of all those involved is yours. Our AML services provide information required to make decisions that mitigate risk.