Forensic Analysis and Dispute Services

The number of business relationships can be vast. Employees, shareholders, suppliers, attorneys, accountants, financiers, competitors, trade groups, regulators – all affect your organization’s ultimate well-being. Learn how they can be the source of risk or reward with the business and financial analysis our investigative and due diligence services provide.

Internal Investigations

Fraud and misconduct cause tremendous harm to an organization’s balance sheet, stature and reputation. We specialize in carefully planned, capably managed investigations to identify wrongdoers, curtail loss and reestablish trust with shareholders, partners, customers, regulators and government agencies.


Regulatory Investigations and Public Corruption

Regulators focus strongly on bribery, kickbacks, anti-competitive behavior and “pay-to-play” schemes involving governments. Our investigative capabilities, reputation for independence and integrity make us uniquely qualified for resolving regulatory concerns.


Litigation Support

When you and your counsel face complex disputes, trust Financial Forensic to provide intelligence at all stages of litigation. We have supported counsel in many multi-jurisdictional litigation and in diverse matters such as commercial disputes, protection and fraud. We also provide investigative accounting, damages assessments and expert testimony.


Screening & Due Diligence

Implementing an effective regulatory compliance process, and mitigating economic and reputational risk starts with knowing whom you’re doing business with. Our screening solutions will allow you to understand the risk profiles of prospective and current business partners, and to identify areas for further investigation.


Dispute Advisory Services

Disputes are complex, costly, and time-consuming. Knowing the facts early on is critical. Experience shows that a panicked reaction can damage your reputation, demoralize the workforce, and create mistrust. Our unique mix of computer forensics, forensic accounting and intellectual property experts have the local and technical knowledge to resolve issues as efficiently as possible.


Forensic Accounting

When disputes involve contradictory or unclear financial valuations, our forensic accounting experts can bring independent clarity to any situation. We can analyze and review financial records to assess and quantify commercial damages; set business valuations; reconstruct accounting and financial transactions; conduct and report interviews; and evaluate an opposing expert’s report.



Whether you are facing a consent decree, deferred prosecution agreement or other pressure to demonstrate ethical business practices, we offer specialized services to help you meet the challenges inherent in creating an environment based on integrity. Our team provides services focused on monitoring compliance, instilling ethics and promoting adherence to consent decrees.