Who We Serve

Law Firms
Our experts assist attorneys by extending their intellectual capital by adding expertise in areas outside
the typical practice of law. We can cost effectively provide attorneys with a “team member” expert
often saving time and money by quantifying or identifying matters that can serve as major turning
points in litigation, acquisitions, mergers and contract disputes.

At certain points in their life-cycle, businesses of all sizes can benefit from various forms of forensic
examination and fraud controls and monitoring. We have assisted businesses to identify risks,
implement controls and monitoring programs and provided training to executives and employees.
During acquisitions, disputes and break ups, having an independent forensic analysis of past operations
can be an invaluable piece of the puzzle often saving time and money.

Government Entities
With a vast depth of experience in the public sector, we have worked with local and state governments
and authorities in a variety of roles. Our team has a wealth of experience in advisory and monitoring
services in highly visible, multi-stakeholder environments. In a demanding regulatory environment, we
assist government and government contractors in optimizing performance while reducing the risk of
fraud, waste, and abuse of government funds.

Government Contractors
As a HUB certified Small Women Owned Business we work in a subcontractor role with entities looking
to meet their federal requirements and provide an extension to their suite of services. In particular,
we have provided services in disaster recovery monitoring for hurricanes Katrina and Sandy in addition
to our other offerings.

Our team has worked with clients and attorneys within the context of divorce matters. Asset tracing
and forensic examinations can be critical tools in verifying assets and making sound decisions on a
divorce settlement or litigation.