Charles W. Stuber, Jr., CPA/CFF, JD

Charles W. Stuber, Jr., CPA/CFF, JD




Charles W. Stuber, Jr. (“Chuck”), is a former FBI Special Agent best known for his work on several high profile political and public corruption cases. An experienced white collar crime investigator with over 30 years of experience, Chuck has subject matter expertise conducting fraud investigations involving bank fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, government fraud, embezzlements, investment fraud and healthcare fraud. In addition to his career service in the FBI, Chuck has served as the Chief Investigator for the North Carolina State Board of Elections, and was a candidate for the position of NC State Auditor in the 2016 election. He joined Financial Forensic LLC, as a member/partner in April, 2017. Chuck is a Certified Public Accountant, is a Certified Financial Forensic professional, and is a member of the North Carolina State Bar.

Areas of Expertise

Forensic accounting
Fraud Investigations: Complex white collar crime, Ponzi schemes, securities fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, government fraud, healthcare fraud, embezzlements, and investment fraud
Political and Public Corruption
Litigation support
Expert Witness – Experienced in wide variety of court proceedings including but not limited to grand jury and federal court trials.
Complex White Collar Crime
Money Laundering and Anti-Money Laundering
Bribery and Corruption Investigations and Anti-Corruption
Regulatory Monitorships
Hostage and Crisis Negotiation
Election Law and Election Crimes
Political System Subject Matter Expertise


FBI Special Agent (1985 – 2014)

Case Management: bank robberies, fugitive cases, murders and violent crimes, complex white collar crime, multimillion dollar investment fraud, Ponzi schemes including the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the State of Colorado, audits of undercover operations and other division financial audits.
Legal Advisor
Relief Supervisor
Applicant Board Member
Division Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team
Task Force Member “House Bank Case” – Washington, DC: Investigated and analyzed bank accounts of more than 300 members of Congress, conducted interviews of Congress and congressional staffers for various forms of criminal activity ranging from election law violations to bribery. Participated in the resulting prosecution and conviction of a member of the House of Representatives and a businessman involving fraudulently obtained Pell Grants and Guaranteed Student Loans. Received the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award from U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno.
Undercover agent on a major health care fraud case.
Public corruption program lead in FBI’s Resident Agency Office in Raleigh, North Carolina, assigned to develop the program and to investigate unlawful activities of North Carolina political officials. While in the Raleigh FBI Office, Stuber was the FBI Case Agent on numerous high profile corruption investigations involving prominent political officials including:
2002 – Former North Carolina Secretary of Transportation Garland B. Garrett, Jr., convicted on charges of operating an illegal gambling business.
2003 – Ricky Godwin, a major owner and supplier of video poker machines. The Garrett and Godwin cases resulted from an undercover operation code-named “Double Black Diamond” that targeted the video poker industry and its connection to North Carolina political officials. The “Double Black Diamond” investigation resulted in the prosecution and conviction of numerous individuals and companies and forfeitures of over $10 million.
2004 – U.S. Congressman Frank Ballance and his son, District Court Judge Garey Ballance, prosecuted and convicted on criminal charges resulting from the misappropriation of government funds through Frank Ballance’s non-profit organization, the ”John Hyman Memorial Youth Foundation.”
2006 – North Carolina House of Representatives member Michael Decker convicted for accepting $50,000 in bribe payments from North Carolina Speaker of the House Jim Black to switch political parties and support Black in his efforts to retain the Speaker position.
2007 – North Carolina Speaker of the House Jim Black convicted on federal corruption charges for his acceptance of illegal cash payments from several chiropractors. Black was the Speaker of the House for four terms, which tied him for the longest tenure in that position in North Carolina history.
2008 – Boyce Hudson, a North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) official, convicted for negotiating a $100,000 agreement to use his official position to expedite a permit for a company attempting to establish an ethanol plant in eastern North Carolina.
2008 – Jim Perry, the former Mayor of Wake Forest, North Carolina, and David Brady convicted for offering the $100,000 payment to Hudson. Evidence to prove the criminal activity of Hudson, Perry, and Brady was acquired via an undercover operation code-named “Troubled Skies.”
2010 – Ruffin Poole, a close aide to N.C. Governor Mike Easley, convicted on federal tax charges related to his acceptance of illegal benefits from entities for whom he used his official position to influence the approval of permits on land development projects.
2010 – NC Governor Mike Easley pled guilty to a felony charge resulting from his acceptance of free flights while campaigning for the governor’s office. Easley is the first N.C. Governor in history to plead guilty to a felony.
2011 – Former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, indicted for his role in the acquisition of hundreds of thousands of dollars in allegedly illegal campaign contributions which were used to cover up an extramarital affair between Edwards and Rielle Hunter and the child to whom Hunter gave birth. A jury in U.S. District Court later failed to convict Edwards of criminal charges.
Hostage Negotiator involved in operations that resulted in the release of numerous hostages in domestic and international kidnapping cases. Notable hostage cases: abduction of journalist Jill Carroll in Iraq; kidnapping of minister Tom Barron and four others in Haiti; and, the abduction of Frank Janssen, the father of an Assistant District Attorney in Wake County, NC.
Presented with The Order of the Long Leaf Pine by NC Governor Pat McCrory upon retirement from FBI in 2014.

NC State Board of Elections – Chief Investigator (2014 – 2016)

Investigated numerous matters involving violations of North Carolina election laws and campaign finance rules and regulations, including complex campaign finance investigations, vote–buying matters, double-voter cases, absentee ballot fraud, felon voters, candidate fraud, voter impersonation, and many other matters involving election laws.
Referred over 30 cases to North Carolina District Attorneys for prosecution. Notable cases referred for prosecution included: NC State Senator Fletcher Hartsell for misappropriating funds from his campaign; Chase Burns for substantial questionable campaign contributions to NC political officials and possible improper interference in the investigation by NCSBE Board Member Paul Foley; and former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon for voting as a convicted felon.
Selected and organized a new investigative team for the NCSBE. Stuber developed and established policies and procedures for the team based on FBI investigative philosophy.

Education and Certifications

BA Accounting, Summa Cum Laude, North Carolina State University 1982 Juris Doctor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1985
North Carolina Bar 1985 – present
FBI New Agent Training, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia, 9/1985 – 1/1986
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 1989 – present
FBI Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT certification, 1992
FBI National Crisis Negotiation certification, 2003
Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), 2010-present
Numerous other training courses and certifications through FBI